Senior concerned by health risks of smoke from burns


To the Editor:

    Last week, in a Letter to the Editor, Snohomish resident David Clay voiced his concerns about next week’s Pine Street Burn. He closed by inviting others to speak out (“See something, say something”) if they, too, are wondering whether toxins and pollutants — known to be in and near the property being burned — might spread to the rest of the block, the rest of the city, and beyond.

    Well, I’m saying something. 

    I live half a block away from the burn site, which is where an agricultural supply business existed for many years, which is within a block of a former dry cleaning business, and is also within a block of a former retail petroleum station.

    I have COPD, emphysema, and allergies to wood smoke. I served overseas during the Viet Nam War, so I know a thing or two about what happens when wood and plastics and metals and chemicals are incinerated. The Fire Department has advised me to stay indoors and keep my windows closed. They said to get an N95 Mask if I need one.

    As someone who suffers with complex respiratory and pulmonary diseases, plus claustrophobia, that’s not too comforting when thinking about days of repeating firestorms being conducted by trainee firefighters. 

    I don’t want to get any sicker than I already am.

Steve Cannon