What toxins will be released by Snohomish burns?


To the Editor:
In the City of Snohomish, Snohomish County Fire District 4 is planning on burning down an entire block of houses built before the 1960s. The block in question is on the east side of Pine Street between 2nd Street and 4th Street. A defunct agricultural supply business, its warehouse and supply buildings are also on this block of houses on Pine Street. There is also suspected “Trichlorethylene” Solvent as well as agricultural chemical residue either from storage of those chemicals by the former agricultural supply business on the site and in the groundwater table or from a possible leak from a former nearby dry cleaning business.
Should citizens of Snohomish be concerned about the possible release of poisonous toxins into the air, ground and into the adjacent Pilchuck River waters? Is this legal, safe or healthy to pollute the air, water and ground with known poisonous toxins on the property being released into the environment of the City of Snohomish and its adjacent environs?
See something, Say something.


David Clay