Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

Everett historians seek to save Clark Park gazebo, Historical Commission balks at blessing removal

EVERETT — The city Historical Commission held off granting a certificate authorizing the alteration of Clark Park to remove its historic gazebo.

Monroe mayor speaks to growth, compassion

Coverage of the 2024 Monroe State of the City

Road safety plan re-energizes Second Street revamp concept

Road safety and plans are getting prominent attention in Snohomish.

Crews conduct fire training burns before curious audience

Coverage of the Snohomish fire training burns

How to carry guns in cars, and recent gun theft data

A story on the legalities of carrying a gun in a vehicle. Also, there have already been 12 instances of thefts of firearms from cars in Everett.

Car in fatal 2nd/Maple crash lacked ‘black box’

Update on the March 17 crash.

Snohomish reworking its planning code to allow more ADUs to meet state law

State law says Snohomish must allow more Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) whether Snohomish likes it or not. City leaders are evaluating how big they should be and other design factors.

Blackman Lake tests conclude lakebed fueling algae, now how to fix it?

SNOHOMISH — Alleviating Blackman Lake’s algae problems will take time, but scientists have pinned down the source. Now they will propose the possible solution.

City surplus plan turns PD station into housing, riverside public works shop to public civic space

There are plans to sell off some city properties as surplus in coming years, and the City Hall on Union Avenue today might just be on the list depending on what City Council thinks.

Consultant: No contamination clean-up required in Snohomish Pine Avenue block

SNOHOMISH — A third consultant concluded there is no contamination which requires site cleanup in the block of Pine Avenue where there are plans for a future fire station and Snohomish city government buildings.

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