Snohomish opens tree sponsor plan

SNOHOMISH — A program approved by the City Council on May 7 will let people pay to add dedicated trees and benches in the city.

City public works director Nova Heaton said the bill was established in response to community members wanting to enhance “Snohomish’s parks and public areas.”

For a tree, you will have to pay $2,500. That money goes toward the tree, planting it, and having the city maintain it for three years.

The bench will cost $5,000. That money will be used to cover everything for almost twenty years. This includes the plaque which doesn’t require approval.

The city has an approved tree list that offers trees you can select from. You can pick which location to place it at. The availability of locations is restricted to publicly owned areas or a right-of-way.

It is recommended that you have a second location picked too. You can sponsor a street tree as well.

The public works department decides if bench and tree donations are accepted, where they’re placed, and where they’re installed.

According to documentation, the process takes a few months to be reviewed. All this includes presenting plans to the city’s Park and Forestry Board if needed.

Payments are made to the city. Moreover, it allows citizens to commemorate certain events, and loved ones. Also, you can donate  “a bench or tree.”  

The public had a chance to make comments during the meeting.

Morgan Davis, a resident, said he is not opposed to it but seems quite pricey.

One council member wanted to know if adopting a bench and getting a plaque would lower the point of entrance to recognize people at a lower cost. It could be possible to make amendments in the future. As for now, it will stand as is.

Heaton mentioned when a council member asked whether the program was tax-deductible, Nova wasn’t sure but would have to look into it.

Soon after, it was mentioned that it is possible to be tax-deductible.

“I’m pleased we’re moving forward on this,” Mayor Linda Redmon said.