We must stand behind police


To the Editor:
As we honor the full and final sacrifice of State Trooper #927 Christopher Gadd, might we acknowledge at long last that the insolent disrespect toward good cops by society’s hectors is a metastasizing cancer?
I’m so thankful to have been raised with proper respect for law enforcement, my disastrous crimes 32 years ago notwithstanding.
The evils they face every day owing to the ever-worsening unmooring of society are illustrative of how the “your truth / my truth” madness cannot withstand even cursory scrutiny. There’s only the truth. That which is identifiably, verifiably, and analytically valid regardless of whether or not it’s believed.
• The law is our indispensable bulwark against tyranny, corruption, and tiered justice.
• We must stand resolutely and united behind and alongside law enforcement.
• Yet another cop has been killed in the line of duty in our beloved Snohomish County.
• It makes me sick.
Blessed be the memory of Washington State Patrol Trooper Christopher Gadd.


Paul Keller
Inmate, Stafford Creek Corrections Center,
Formerly of Snohomish County