Shoppers with backpacks should not be assumed as thieves


To the Editor:
I am writing because harassment to customers that have backpacks and laptop bags is getting ridiculous.
Just because a few bad apples decide to steal using backpacks, bags, etc. doesn’t mean everyone with a bag of some sort is a crook. I have quit using backpacks and bags for this reason except if I’m traveling and staying somewhere overnight, like today I got a trip to Portland so I brought a bag for my clothes and laptop and I needed a few things at Dollar Tree on 50th and Evergreen before heading out on my journey. It was the one time in months I had a bag with me and right off the bat an employee starts harassing me about it, being completely rude to me about it when I haven’t stolen anything. The lady working at the store just targeted me for no reason.
         This harassment has got to stop and so I’m writing a letter to get some publicity on the matter. 


Elijah Edens