Tell Council not to voice support


To the Editor:

    During New Business in the June 18th Snohomish City Council meeting, Councilwoman Karen Guzak proposed, and was seconded by Councilman Felix Neals, a City Resolution supporting the Port of Everett’s Prop 1, which if passed, will impose a new forever property tax on almost all of Snohomish County residents for the Port’s nebulous and amorphous goals of “economic development,” “growth,” “tourism,” or “environmental cleanup” at the Everett Waterfront.

    Well, I’d like to remind the council of their own stated goal for 2025:  “Reduce the Cost of Housing.” Property tax increases drive up the cost of housing for homeowners and renters alike. (Property taxes are the largest single Net Operating Expense for any landlord who must pass those increases onto his tenants.)

Councilwoman Guzak didn’t mention even one specific benefit to Snohomish residents and specifically avoided mentioning the costs to all Snohomish area residents.

    The Council President set the next July 2nd meeting for a vote to approve or reject Councilwoman Guzak’s proposed Resolution/Proclamation.

    Citizens who are tax-fatigued and tired of the phony progressives’ agenda of tax increases for crony special interests, should attend-in person or remotely to the July 2nd meeting and voice their opinions to the council at large.

Morgan Davis


Editor’s note: Davis is a member of the committee writing the opposition statement in voter pamphlets about the Port of Everett Proposition 1 measure.