Bad to take parking spots from First Street’s core


To the Editor:

    As someone who lives in downtown Snohomish and works on First Street, the proposed changes to First Street seem ridiculous to me (online here, also printed as “First Street template suggestions widely alter street’s feel,” June 12 Tribune). First Street already feels as if there is never enough parking, even on the slowest days. 

    Many of us who work on First Street are not able to find parking anywhere close to work on sunny days, and the bus stop is not close enough to First Street to be convenient. Visitors to Snohomish and people that work in shops on First Street are also frequently elderly and/or struggle with mobility, which means that having to take the bus or park farther from First Street can be very difficult. 

    As it is, people who are fixing to make it to First Street on a busy day are forced to park on residential streets past Second Street. This can be frustrating for residents who are accustomed to parking on the street in front of their houses. Having to 

cross Second Street as a pedestrian can also be a challenge as there are not many street lights or stop signs on the major road. 

    I understand the push for more walking and less travel via car, but Snohomish is a city that is focused on serving mostly elderly tourists, and making it harder to get down to First Street without driving will do nothing except drive people out of Snohomish.

Feather Sackville