Attendee says event was wonderful


To the Editor:

    I want to thank the HDSA, business donors, the City of Snohomish and Snohomish Pride, the many volunteers and the community for putting on such  wonderful Snohomish Pride events! 

There was a palpable joy and kindness in the air, as I watched children playing in the kids area, teens and young adults gathering and talking, people dancing, music playing, laughter and smiles everywhere I looked. It was a multi-generational event.

    The event was very well attended both at the parade and in the market with live music. What a blast! This has become my favorite event of the year! Thank you to all who made this event happen. Thank you to all who showed up.

    Most importantly, Pride is in support of LGBTQIA individuals reclaiming the rights and freedoms they are denied, and the public space they are often excluded from. Visibility is crucial. Being able to gather, show support as allies and help the LGBTI community feel welcomed and supported in our community is just being a good neighbor

    Keep spreading the kindness!

Umi Richardson