Everett should triple its surveillance cams


To the Editor:

    The number of public safety cameras going up in Everett should be tripled.     

    Ask yourself:

    > Shootings usually result from a saturation of firearms among whom? Those whose cultural ethos is, or is not, a harbinger of violent acts?

    > How has constraining armed, law-abiding citizens kept them safe from emboldened miscreants flouting existing gun laws?

    > How much criminal victimization, at whose hands primarily, must citizens “shut up and accept” to evince requisite “tolerance”?

    For years, Pecksniffian edicts from afar have been dropping various stinkers on Snohomish County, with serious public safety implications. Law enforcement “partnering with the community” makes it necessary to rely on facts and filter out nonsense. Know what doesn’t deter crime? Capitulating to sociopolitical groups proffering excuses (not legitimate criminal justice remedies).

    Most predatory violence is committed by career (or aspiring) hoodlums. 

    There’s nothing “biased” about arresting culpable individuals. There’s no such thing as “over policing” either. Believe me, that’s just baloney handed out to divert scrutiny from foreseeable offenders.

Paul Keller

Inmate, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, 


Formerly of Snohomish County