Concerns, cost are why Snohomish residents should vote no on Port measure


To the Editor:

    I am opposed to Port of Everett expansion which is on the August 6 ballot. 

    A Port District tax of 19 cents/$1,000 assessed value, with the possibility of more than doubling this port tax in the future, will come at the expense of folks who already struggle to own and rent homes in our City. Adding this tax may make levies and bonds for schools, city, and county more difficult to meet with voter approval. 

    I also question the need for another layer of government. What value is the Port offering that can’t already be offered by existing forms of government? What authority will the Port have that might come into conflict with that of the City and County? 

    Asking us to vote on Port Expansion is asking us to sign a blank check. No 

concrete project that will benefit City of Snohomish residents has been put forward — only the vague promise of trickle-down “job creation.” The particulars of numbers of commissioners and commissioner boundaries are unknown and will be up to yet another vote. 

     The Port focuses on transportation, including airports. If passed, I believe that the broad powers of the Port could allow the Harvey Airport expansion to happen, over-riding the environmental concerns expressed in response to the Harvey Field Environmental Assessment, including the county government’s concerns. I value more the preservation of agriculture to the south of the City of Snohomish and prevention of future flood damage than vague promises of economic development. Please vote “no” on Port of Everett Expansion.

Candace McKenna