Enviro impact report of new Harvey Field runway out

SNOHOMISH — The draft environmental assessment for Harvey Field’s proposed expansion was released last week.

The airfield’s proposal reduces its main runway from 2,672 feet to 2,400 feet and relocates it within the airfield. It would have a single runway instead of having a paved runway and grass runway on the site.

To relocate the runway and enlarge the airport grounds, the Airport Way roadway would be repositioned further south.

The proposal adds six acres of fill dirt, and removes 35 trees.

The draft environmental assessment discusses the impacts. It can be read online at https://harveyfield.mysocialpinpoint.com/en/home/

People can submit comments until Friday, May 24.

A public meeting will be Tuesday, May 14 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Harvey Field Hangar 15 Event Center, 9900 Airport Way, Snohomish.

To meet FAA compliance, Harvey Field’s runway requires clear, unobstructed takeoff and landing paths.

A paper copy of the report will be available at the Snohomish Library, 311 Maple Ave., and Harvey Field’s Administration office during normal business hours.

The final Environmental Assessment is anticipated in winter 2024.

The April 17 story about Harvey Field stated the proposal lengthens the runway to 2,400 feet. The proposal reduces the length of the asphalt runway from 2,672 feet to 2,400 feet. The Tribune regrets the error.