Keep Everett Fire under city's domain


To the Editor:

Everett’s jurisdictional calls are EFD’s responsibility. The cost to meet community expectations concerning timeliness and efficacy of EFD response rests upon Everett taxpayers.

Not all jurisdictions are in equipoise. EFD is saddled with governmental, demographic, geographic and density complexities unique within Snohomish County.

Indistinct, ambiguous statements about EFD joining an RFA as a “solution” to the city’s structural budget issue are imprudent.

People must be educated in comprehensive detail how immediate response time and staffing improvements would be assured by shifting their money into an RFA. It is not incommodious to confront these ‘quality of life’ issues. Unless there are extraordinary, measurable benefits to the city in immediate and long term ways, don’t consent.

Analysis of relevant data makes it clear EFD is not profligate. Current response time problems would be markedly improved by:

Building Station 3 in the Riverside area, reestablishing Engine 3 as a full time north end company.

Move Aid 1 and Brush 1 to Station 3 as Aid 3 and Brush 3. BR-3 cross staffed by Engine 3.

Building Station 8 in the vicinity of the old K-Mart / Evergreen MS, establishing Engine 8 as an additional south end EFD company.

Move Ladder 5 and Technical Rescue 1 to Station 8 as Ladder 8 and Rescue 8, both cross staffed by Engine 8.

The EFD legacy matters. No longtime resident can stand at Oakes and California and not feel great pride in the history and ghosts of yesteryear who gave their lives for Everett.

Inmate Paul Keller

Stafford Creek Corrections Center, Aberdeen

Formerly of Snohomish County