NEWS BITES for June 15, 2022

Some dumps closed Sunday, June 19
All three drop boxes in east county — Dubuque Road (Machias), Sultan and Granite Falls — as well as the Household Hazardous Waste facility in Everett, will be closed on June 19 for Juneteenth. All larger Snohomish County Solid Waste transfer stations, which are on Airport Road in Everett, in Arlington and in Mountlake Terrace, will remain open and on normal operating schedules on June 19 and 20.
Snohomish County Public Works offices will be closed on Monday, June 20 to observe Juneteenth. Most city offices and a majority of Snohomish County offices will be closed for Juneteenth as well.

Bird flu found in Monroe flock
Bird flu is spreading, and a Monroe backyard poultry keeper disclosed publicly that their flock was affected. State veterinarians have logged two flocks in the county hit with bird flu and 19 statewide so far. It spreads by contact with wild waterfowl. The virus can spread to people. The state Department of Agriculture asks the public to avoid contact with wild birds, especially sick or dead wild birds.
If your flock experiences sudden death or illness of multiple birds, call the state Sick Bird Hotline at 1-800-606-3056, and double-bag and ice dead birds. Do not allow scavenger birds access to dead domestic birds as it can spread the virus.
Bird flu was first detected in the state in May.

 Songwriter Wallace nominated for awards

Former Everett Hall Of Fame songwriter Steve Wallace’s songs “Heidi” and “The Bible is my Guide” have been nominated for a Songwriter Achievement Of the Year award in the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards which will take place Oct. 23 at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville,Tennessee.
In a 41-year career, Wallace has written over 200 songs and won 71 awards all while battling a disabling neurological disorder that affects his muscles and speech.
“I’m truly blessed and honored to be nominated,” he said.