Wesco lays out plan to hold short seasons

Wesco’s plan for high school sports

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The possibility of high school athletics depends on the ability to curb the spread of COVID.
The WIAA will create a uniform schedule for the state but has granted permission to leagues to carry out other plans individually that better suit the region. Additionally the WIAA extended open coaching, allowing off-season practices up to the start of the season.  
Last week, Wesco submitted an isolated three season plan for approval from the WIAA and school district superintendents.  
Wesco’s three season plan to have conference only games also hinges on the new metrics released by Gov. Inslee last Tuesday. The new two-phase “Healthy Washington — Roadmap to Recovery” reopening plan will guide the decision making process for the superintendents and the league, according to Wesco Vice President and Arlington High School athletic director, Tom Roys.
As of Jan. 8, fall sports are scheduled to begin practice on Feb. 22, although phases will restrict participation based on specific sports. In phase one, low — moderate risk outdoor sports are allowed to practice. Low-risk indoor sports may practice as well, in groups of five or less. No competition is permitted in phase one.
If the region has moved to phase two, all outdoor sports will be allowed to compete. Low to moderate risk indoor sports may be allowed to hold competitions. This does not bode well for basketball and wrestling, the two indoor, high-risk winter sports. Based on the reopening plan’s new metrics, there is no plan in place to hold indoor, high risk sports, at least not at this time.
Wesco has scheduled the winter season to start last, with the first practice May 3. This allows time for additional phases to be added to Inslee’s plan that would permit high-risk indoor sports. If the start dates continue to push back through the set dates for season two, Wesco will shift focus to spring sports, canceling the rest. Spring sports were the only season to not compete last year.

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