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The Tribune provides a general forum for pertinent local public comment, but the viewpoints published in letters to the editor do not carry any implied endorsement or fact verifications by the Tribune.

Letters to the Editor policy

  • All letters must be signed by the author and include a phone number and address for verification.
  • The Snohomish County Tribune will edit all letters for brevity, clarity and style.
  • Letters must be 250 words or less.
  • Authors may be published once every four issues.
  • We do not run letters with “character assassinations” of private individuals, and will scrutinize letters that put down public officials, public figures and public institutions. We encourage focus on actions, not the person.
  • We do not run attacks on unelected government employees. We encourage focus on policy, not the person.
  • We will not run negative statements about businesses by name unless there is a clear reason or clear situational example that warrants it.
  • We acknowledge the free exchange of ideas, but letters containing overt bigotry, racial supremacy, or vulgarities may be potentially denied altogether.
  • If the newsroom is unclear on your message, we will ask for clarifying revisions and withhold the letter from publication until the letter’s message is clear.
  • We evaluate letters that discuss national issues based on their merits and local relevance.
  • Letters about the Tribune’s reporting are published and not suppressed. We are responsible to the public and can withstand criticism.
Send us a letter: letters@snoho.com

Affordable housing idea could be done in Snohomish


An idea that could be used in Snohomish.

Make a new friend with pen pal program


A letter advocating for the Letter Exchange (LEX).

Proposed switch to K-5 elementary versus K-6 not ideal


A letter against the formerly proposed switch from K-6 to K-5 in Snohomish Schools.

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