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Crime in Everett generally down
EVERETT — Crime is generally down in most parts of Everett compared to long-range figures, but a few areas have gone up in line with regional crime trends.
Burglaries and thefts are generally down, but vehicle thefts are up as part of a statewide trend.
Each area of Everett have seen overall decreases in crime compared to an average of the past four years.
Crime statistic trends showed there’s been a 5 percent decline in crime, but crime incidents are up from 2012 versus 2013. 2012 had the lowest amount of crime in the past five years — the year 2010 was the high point with almost 1,000 more crimes in 2010 versus 2013.
Police Chief Dan Templeman gave a walkthrough of crime statistics for each neighborhood last week to the City Council.
Templeman said the factors influencing crime include heroin use, lack of mental health access, transients committing petty thefts and a short-term increase in gang activity earlier this year.
Police believe they’ve been able to squelch gang activity in south Everett in the past few months.
Snohomish County’s regional heroin epidemic is encouraging thieves to steal so they can resell stolen goods to get money for drugs.
There were 7,327 high-level crimes in 2013, compared to an average of 7,679 high-level crimes for 2009-2012. A high-level crime includes a vehicle theft or robbery.
In 2013, there were 1,034 vehicle thefts and 1,129 burglaries.
There also were 192 robberies, 208 aggravated assaults, 42 rapes and one homicide. The homicide was close to the Sunrise Inn where a suspected gang member shot another dead.
Numbers by the region:
North Everett had a 7 percent decrease in crime compared to the four-year average.
Central Everett had a 20 percent decrease compared to the four-year average.
South Everett had a 10 percent decrease in crime.
In many neighborhoods, burglary numbers are stable compared to the four year average, general thefts are down and vehicle thefts are up.
The full report on statistics for high-level crimes in each neighborhood is available by asking the city.
In other news, Templeman revealed that the Police Department’s Burglary Reduction Team was disbanded to reshuffle officers to fill gaps. He said he’s open to resurrecting the team when more officers are available.
The Police Department is emphasizing tips on how to combat vehicle prowls and thefts in its latest neighborhood outreach efforts.

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