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A cop’s night shift can have plenty of surprise
SNOHOMISH — The first night of the month is always active according to police lore, and for the Snohomish Police Department Friday, Aug. 1 was no different as the Tribune rode along.
An arrest was made by Sgt. Ian Huri and deputy Chad Daugherty following a bizarre string of incidents that took place in downtown Snohomish near Stewart’s Place on First Street between Cedar and Maple.
A white van crashed into a cement pole in an alleyway between Cedar and Maple. The driver of the van fled the scene, leaving the van lights on and engine running. Nobody appeared injured but witnesses of the crash said the guy walked away from the van. They did not know where he went. Police were able to identify the van as well as the owner of the van. They went to his residence for questioning.
Upon arriving at the van owner’s house, located in the 500 block of Pine Avenue, the owner had been sleeping and had left the keys to his work van on the back porch.
Someone else had taken his van.
Although Huri couldn’t release their name or why they were arrested, police arrested the owner of the van and took him into custody.
Among the other incidents through out the night of Aug. 1, Snohomish Police split the watch, which was a 12 hour shift. Sgt. Huri was the lead officer of the night. He, along with two other deputies, patrolled the city and made regular passes through First Street.
“It’s a quiet night,” Huri said. “Snohomish’s First Street has five bars total and we try to keep our presence here well known. The bouncers of the bars are really good, too.”
His patrol route always brought him back to First Street.
The police often check on the status of the bar scene in case of violent activity or drug activity. Huri said Snohomish doesn’t get a lot of activity, but it’s not rare either.
The night of Aug. 1 revealed a quiet, calm bar scene. Huri said this was most likely due to the fact that a country music festival was taking place elsewhere, along with the annual Sea Fair events in Seattle. A lot of folks had left town to party elsewhere.
As long as they continued to patrol, the streets were kept relatively safe. Huri confirmed that public safety is the department’s No. 1 priority.
Sgt. Huri pulled over a driver while the Tribune was riding along.
The driver, who was driving the speed limit on Machias Road, kept swerving in their lane. He went over the fog line and the center lines. Huri suspected drunken driving and pulled the individual over. He was quick to comply. After running his information and chatting, Huri discovered the man was simply munching on his cheeseburger from a local drive-thru and was not impaired by drugs or alcohol. Just eating while driving, which is not illegal.
Snohomish City Councilman Michael Rohrscheib is a frequent participant in ride-alongs with deputies. The night of Aug. 1 was his sixth one, he told the Tribune. He commended the deputies for their work in the community and keeping the roads safe.

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