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$20 car tab fees hearing on Aug. 6
EVERETT - The City Council is preparing to discuss implementing a $20 car tab fee at its Aug. 6 meeting.
The earliest the state could collect the fee is next spring.
A public hearing will be part of the Aug. 6 meeting, which will start at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 3002 Wetmore Ave.
The car tab fee, and what projects the money pays for, will be determined by a board representing the Transportation Benefit District. Districts such as the newly created one in Everett can levy up to $20 per vehicle.
The Transportation Benefit District board is comprised of the City Council’s seven members.
A $20 car tab fee would generate at least $1.2 million for Everett’s roads by city estimates, a huge chunk of change for maintaining streets.
The city was budgeted to spend $2.5 million this year toward improving and maintaining its roads.
The car tab fee is one of the numerous budget changes the city is doing to dig itself out of a $13 million perennial and growing structural deficit. A structural deficit means the city has too many items and services it pays for that outspend its annual revenues.
Another idea still on the table during budget talks is creating a Parks Metropolitan District, which would create a special tax to provide more money to parks.
The annual car tab fee would apply to all Everett vehicles, and would come into force approximately six months after its passage, so if the fee is created in September, the state would start collecting the $20 fee from drivers in March.
The money raised would not go toward Everett Transit, which is an autonomous agency that has its own voter-approved 0.6 percent sales tax levy.
The benefit district will be officially chartered next week. The framework for it was created in June.


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