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Bungling carjacker at Snohomish Station caught
SNOHOMISH — A young man who attempted two botched car thefts at Snohomish Station last week is now behind bars.
David Mordi, 20, thought he had an easy opportunity the morning of Tuesday, May 27 when a Snohomish man left his 1999 Mercedes unlocked to run to an ATM at Fred Meyer. The man left the keys in the ignition, but Mordi couldn’t figure out how to start the car. That left enough time for the 61-year-old owner to find Mordi trying to take the car and a scuffle ensued.
The man scared away Mordi, but, undeterred, Mordi then tried to carjack a woman’s 1999 Pontiac Grand Am nearby with a 19-year-old accomplice at his side.
Mordi led the approach, and physically forced the woman out of the vehicle, police said. When she screamed, it raised enough public attention to scare the two men away.
Police quickly picked up Mordi’s friend, a 19-year-old who professed his innocence.
“I didn’t do anything, the guy you’re looking for ran off north of here, his name is Dre,” the 19-year-old blurted out when police stopped him. Dre was apparently Mordi’s nickname.
The friend professed: “I didn’t do anything besides hang out with Dre today, Dre tried to take the car on his own, I didn’t help him,” according to police paperwork.
Mordi ran to hide in the Bickford Ford showroom. 
An attentive employee there thought it was suspicious Mordi was pacing around and called 911. Police arrested Mordi at the dealership.
Bickford employees who saw the arrest declined to comment to the press.
Snohomish detectives also found out the duo was involved in a recent crime spree that weekend, obtaining information detailing a vehicle theft in Burien, involvement in an armed robbery at a Walgreens in unincorporated Snohomish County and two armed robberies on Sunday, May 25 in Everett.
Mordi currently faces charges of one count of attempted vehicle theft and one count of attempted robbery. He also faces a charge by Tulalip Tribe police for being a minor in possession of alcohol on a prior crime.
Snohomish Station has grown to become a hotbed of theft since opening in 2008.
One retailer in the center who witnessed the first carjacking said he sees theft every day at the shopping center.
Some of the most remarkable thefts he sees are people trying to walk out of Fred Meyer with large flatscreen TVs, some managing to do so successfully.
Snohomish Police Chief John Flood noted in a recent public presentation that Snohomish Station’s theft rates have negatively skewed the entire city’s crime rate.

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