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2014 Everett Farmers Market opening May 18
Everett Farmers Market photo - Doug Ramsay
Doug Ramsay photo, file
Haley Breniser of Chinook Farm in Snohomish puts out organic beets as she sets up for business on opening day of the Everett Farmers Market in 2012.

EVERETT — For Snohomish farmer Gil Schreiber, the Everett Farmers Market is more than an opportunity to sell his goods. It is a chance to educate his customers about their food.
“It’s an outlet, a place to meet people, to show the locals what grows here,” Schreiber, the owner of Skipley Farm, said. “It means getting exposure to letting people know that we’re right across the river, that we’re so close. We’re probably the closest farmer to the market than any farmer that’s there.”
Skipley Farm grows more than 1,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables and sells all of them in season at the Everett Farmers Market. 
The Sunday market, located at the Port of Everett off of W. Marine View Drive, is opening its season Sunday, May 18 at 11 a.m. and runs rain or shine into the fall.
Most vendors can accept cash, EBT food stamps, WIC checks and people can use debit or credit cards to buy market tokens usable at all vendors. Customers can expect onions and a variety of greens when the market opens, but later in the season there are berries, orchard fruits and other vegetables that come into season.
The Everett Farmers Market’s vendors exclusively sell Washington state goods. Any processed or artisanal goods also must be sourced and made in Washington, with few exceptions.
“We believe in local and local foods grown locally,” Karen Erickson,
co-owner of the Everett Farmers Market, said. “We need to support the people where we live.”
Local bands also play music at the market.
This year, wine sampling is back at the Everett Farmers Market. They launched a pilot craft beer and wine program two years ago, but it was not brought back last year due to licensing issues.
This year a selection of all-local wineries will offer samplings every Sunday.
“What is inside these products has to come from Washington state,” Erickson said. “This rules out a lot of local wineries that import their grape juice from California.”
Anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 people attend the market every week, depending on the weather. Most fill up their bags with produce, though fresh-cut flowers are also popular among shoppers.
Erickson and Gary Purves, co-owners of the Everett Farmers Market, agree that berries are the most popular purchase once they come into season in early June.
“I don’t think there’s too much you cannot find at the Sunday market,” Purves said.
Any food that is not purchased either goes to a local food bank or into a compost pile.
Many farmers harvest their crops for sale the night before, and even the morning of the market, so they are as fresh as possible when shoppers sort through the pickings.
A number of the farmers have certified organic food.
Schreiber grows all of his crops under conditions beyond what is required to be USDA-certified organic.
“The taste is off the charts,” Schreiber said.
Boaters can pull their boats into the Port of Everett to disembark and shop at the market. Parking for cars is also available, and Purves says they are constantly working to improve parking.
Previously, seniors could receive food vouchers at the market, but Erickson said that seniors now need to apply for the vouchers through a lottery happening on June 13. Applications will be available at the Everett Farmers Market, but must be turned in at senior services.
“We offer this food access opportunity to everyone,” Erickson said.
For the full list of vendors, visit


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