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Hearing for 402 Avenue E re-opened
SNOHOMISH — A challenge on the hearing examiner’s decision to restrict how many people can be housed at a proposed senior assisted living facility at 402 Ave. E has reopened the decision.
The developer wanted 25 beds, but the hearing examiner limited the project to nine. The developer says that limitation makes the project unfeasible.
Josh Scott of Craft, LLC is the lead architect for the project and filed a petition with the city for a “partial reconsideration” on specific items in the record.
Hearing examiner Ted Hunter, who oversaw the public hearing and approved the conditional use permit last month, agreed to re-open the record last week in order for the reconsiderations to be heard.
Hunter set a public hearing date for April 30 at 6 p.m. in the school district building.
In the petition, Scott wrote that the “request for reconsideration is based upon Snohomish Municipal Code. Specifically, Craft requests that the Examiner reopen the record, or set a date for a short hearing, to address and clarify Finding of the Fact No. 24 and Decision Conditions No. 1 and No. 5.”
The major item addressed in Scott’s filing is the shrinking of the plans from the original 25-bed facility to a nine-bed facility. Scott said this condition “reduces the project size by 64 percent, from 25 beds to nine beds. This reduction renders the project unfeasible to develop.”
Since the decision was issued, Scott said he has been talking with the state Department of Social and Human Services and the city in order to pursue “workable solutions” that could present evidence favoring more beds during the new public hearing.
The other issues Scott had was showing the need for allowing staff to be able to live on the premises by the conditional use permit, and to fix a typographic error in the decision.

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