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Hundreds support local teen with Lake Tye swim
MONROE - Despite a rainstorm and chilly temperatures, a crowd jumped into Lake Tye last week to support a local teen.
Trey Lauren, 13, has had 11 surgeries in 14 days on his right leg in his battle to flush out a flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis that’s eating his leg. Trey was infected purely by accident after he fell on a rusty nail while playing with friends two weeks ago.
Trey’s parents Mark and Randi were grateful for the 1,000-plus people who came to show their support including about 100 who jumped in the frigid lake, as their son sits in Seattle Children’s Hospital.
Trey, who goes to Hidden River Middle School, is a pitcher for local boys baseball team, the Legends, and his jersey number is 21. He also plays football and basketball.
Part of the support rally included selling replica jersey T-shirts, as well as wristbands that read “Team Trey.”
“It’s pretty empowering to see the support of the community for Trey,” Jen Chartrand said as she handed Team Trey T-shirts to people as they bought them. “Especially since we’re new, and it’s amazing to see the amount of support for him.”
Eric Chartrand, Jen’s husband, is Trey’s baseball coach and their daughter is a classmate of Trey’s. 
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson visited Trey in the hospital last week and even changed his Facebook profile picture to a snapshot of him and Trey.

Seattle Seahawks quartereback Russell Wilson with Trey Lauren
Seattle Seahwaks quarterback Russell Wilson visited Trey Lauren

Pastor Jeff Knight off the ROCK Church led the large group in a prayer for Trey, all hands were raised to the rain and sky. Soon after, people stripped down and got their beach towels and cameras ready for action.
Many ran into the lake, others slowly waded in.
People’s spirits were high, and hope seemed at good heights as well, and Trey’s parents were holding up OK but not great.
“He’s fighting,” Mark said of his son. “He’s doing the best out of all of us. There are so many people involved with this, and we completely appreciate the community support. We didn’t plan this, and we weren’t going to come, but we wanted to show our appreciation. It’s humbling to think your kid could galvanize the community like this. It’s pretty special.”
All the money raised will go toward offsetting the family’s medical bills.
So far as of early this week, the effort has raised more than $14,000.
The benefit, along with videos of friends and family jumping into the frigid cold Lake Tye, are meant to help Trey pull through as he is treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The videos will be shown to Trey to cheer him up and show how many people support and love him.
People can keep up with Trey’s progress online at


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