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Online discussion forum focuses on shaping Snohomish’s future
SNOHOMISH - Residents can contribute to an online conversation on how to improve the city through an effort called Imagine Snohomish.
Imagine Snohomish lets users write feedback and post photos on either general or specific topics and get responses from city leaders. Some recent topics include what to do with the former Hal Moe Pool property and marijuana.
The city’s goal is to improve the community from the community’s point of view.
“Not everyone can make it to a City Council meeting, but most people have access to a computer,” Councilwoman Lynn Schilaty, who participates on the website, said last week. “Imagine Snohomish is a more accessible and comfortable way for citizens to participate in their local government.”
People can find a link through the city’s website at Anyone can sign up and begin contributing ideas, posting concerns and comments, and even uploading photos of their favorite spots in Snohomish. 
“We hope Imagine Snohomish will be used in a variety of ways, including citizen input on the Comprehensive Plan,” Schilaty said. “For example, citizens have recently weighed in on whether or not the city should ban recreational marijuana. I have read the comments and will certainly consider them as the issue comes before council next month.”
City economic development manager Debbie Emge said the conversation on marijuana is one example that city staff can use public comments for the Comprehensive Plan, a report that outlines future city planning.
“It’s working really well so far, and we’re excited about the number of registered users,” Emge said. “Currently, we have about 100, and we’re very encouraged by that. When staff posts a poll question, like the recreational marijuana, that input will be taken by staff to city council. So, it allows for two-way communication on big issues.”
Another recent poll question posted by staff was what the city should do with the Hal Moe Pool site. The city purchased the site from the Snohomish School District and may soon decide on a working plan for it.
“A lot of people have posted and suggested what they would like to see,” Emge said.
Schilaty said she hopes the Snohomish School District will create a MindMixer platform soon.
For more information on how you can join the conversation, go to People can register through their Facebook account or using their personal email address.

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