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Monroe’s roads public meeting topic March 27
MONROE - People are being invited to tell the city how they want Monroe traffic to shape up in the next few decades as part of a series of monthly workshops.
The next workshop will focus on transportation and roads and will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 27 at the new Chamber of Commerce building, 125 S Lewis St.
There’s also a website to give feedback and chat with other residents on city issues at
The city wants feedback as it forms its comprehensive plan, a document that guides future growth and planning.
At two workshops about economic development late last month, many people came to Park Place Middle School.
About 25 people showed up to apply their thoughts and ideas to the exercise.
“It’s good to work with people you don’t know because you learn a lot,” Monroe resident Michelle Brownlow said at the Feb. 26 meeting. “You learn things about the community you otherwise wouldn’t have known.”
Groups of people were split apart to put together a worksheet. Some of the groups were mixed and held differing opinions at their own table of which topics best fit the growth of Monroe’s economy.
Other groups comprised of longtime residents who have lived in Monroe for several decades.
“I was born in Monroe. I’ve seen all the changes. Decades!” said Dolores Schwartz. “That’s why I love this (workshop). I want to see what the future will bring for my children and grandchildren. I love Monroe.”
Some people said they didn’t want major growth; they told the consultants and city officials at the meeting that’s the reason they decided to retire in Monroe, saying it’s small, away from the city and peaceful.
Keeping Monroe family-friendly ranked high on how residents thought the city should focus its economic development efforts.
“It’s always been a friendly town and I hope it stays that way,” Schwartz said.
Mayor Geoffrey Thomas was happy with the turnout last month.
“There are 25 people here all from different walks of life, and that’s great feedback,” Thomas said. “I would like to see more people here. I would love to see that number double for (the March) meeting. But I am very pleased with the participation we’ve had over these two nights, and having more people to share thoughts and ideas would be great.”
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