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Everett boy who admitted to killing guardian being tried as adult
EVERETT - He called her “Mom,” but his mixed-up mind may have moved him to murder her.
A 16-year-old with a history of mental illness pleaded not guilty last week after admitting to police he killed his legal guardian in their south Everett apartment on Feb. 7.
Brad George is being tried as an adult on one count of first-degree murder and the trial is scheduled for April 4. He pleaded not guilty in Snohomish County Superior Court last week.
His “Mom” was Gina Latshaw, 37, a mental health advocate. She had been his legal guardian since he was young.
Court records indicate the attack was premeditated, but may have been influenced by the boy being off his medications. He independently chose to stop taking his medications four days before the murder.
After being awake for three days, his head filled with imaginative thoughts. George broke into Latshaw’s bedroom that morning and struck her in the head with a purple plastic-covered dumbbell while she slept.
After the attack, he made the house look like it was burglarized, he told police. He dumped the dumbbell in a nearby trash bin, tossed some possessions onto a neighbor’s patio and left the front door open to back up the burglary claim. He then went to school.
As a pre-teenager, George was diagnosed as having homicidal ideations during a hospital evaluation that turned violent, according to 2010 medical reports.
Latshaw was seen as a crusader for mental health issues. She served on the Mental Health Patient and Family Advisory Committee at Providence Regional Medical Center.
She became George’s legal guardian approximately 10 years ago.
He had just finished a one-year probationary period in January after he shoved a staff member and put a hole in a wall at a Bellevue specialty school run by Overlake Hospital for children with mental illness.
George’s history involved stays at the Providence Pacific Campus after he had extreme hallucinations of his mother as a blood-spewing clown in 2010. During a hospital evaluation, he broke a chair and started holding it like a weapon, “tapping it in the palm of his hand” before propping it behind his shoulders.
Police state George has been diagnosed with a mood disorder, ADHD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
George told police he had independently determined he was mature enough to stop taking his medications.
After not sleeping for three days, he stared at himself in the mirror for half an hour “trying to clear his head of negative thoughts,” police wrote, but sometime soon he began imagining gory horror movie scenes and then imagined his mother poisoning him with bleach.
In television news reports hours before admitting the killing, he stated “I don’t know who could have done this.”


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