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Police seeking man who groped young girl in Fred Meyer store

Suspect photo

Suspect photo

Suspect photo 1

Surveillance video image grabs courtesy Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

SNOHOMISH - Police are searching for a man who groped a child in broad daylight inside the Snohomish Fred Meyer store Jan. 30.
Police believe the man may be Curtis Beseda, 58, who firebombed Pacific Northwest abortion clinics in the 1980s after multiple people identified him from surveillance photos, the Herald reported.
Based on the fact police believe they have their suspect, Snohomish County prosecutors charged Beseda, a Snohomish resident, with first-degree child molestation for the incident. A judge issued a $250,000 arrest warrant on Beseda.
The suspect lurked inside the store before approaching an 11-year-old girl allegedly offering to buy her liquor. Then, he allegedly put his hand down her back pocket before wandering around the store some more.
Beseda gained a following after a series of four abortion clinic bombings he claimed responsibility to in the 1980s, including one that shut down an Everett abortion clinic. He was an early practitioner of a 1980s wave of similar abortion clinic incidents, often conducted by extremists who justified their actions based on their moral reasonings.
Surveillance video shows the man was skinny, clean-shaven with long hair and wearing glasses.
The video does not show the suspect getting into any vehicles.
Police thought they had a different suspect earlier last week, but that man had an alibi, Ireton said.


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