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Snohomish teen rescues friend from Snohomish River


SNOHOMISH - Snohomish High School student Zach Marshall didn’t hesitate when he jumped into the Snohomish River. His focus was saving the life of his friend.
The rescue happened Aug. 15, 2013 north of the railroad tracks after Larry Saul capsized in swift waters far upriver of Snohomish proper. A log in the river kept Saul from being swept farther downstream.
Holding Saul’s head above water with one arm and using his knowledge of the water’s depths from regularly fishing the river, Marshall pushed forward off the log to get both of them safely to the bank of the river.
Marshall, 16, was one of 18 people honored in December at the annual Real Heroes Breakfast hosted by the Snohomish County Chapter of the American Red Cross.
The annual breakfast at the Tulalip Casino honors lifesaving actions made by people across Snohomish County.
It was tough keeping Saul’s head above water, and Marshall knew he had to be quick because Saul was already pale when he got to the boat.
Considering Saul a gentleman he respects, Marshall wasn’t about to let something bad happen. All through the rescue, Saul kept telling Marshall his wife would appreciate this.
Marshall wasn’t scared, but afterward he was surprised by what he did.
Looking back at the water, “I started thinking, ‘whoa, that was deep, pretty fast water’,” Marshall said.
Even though he put his life in danger, he doesn’t consider himself a hero.
“In my eyes, I consider myself just another kid,” Marshall said.
His dad Jason Marshall said he wasn’t surprised Zach jumped in. That’s how he raised Zach: “I raised him that when there’s an emergency to take the bull by the horns,” Jason Marshall said.
Other honorees at the Real Heroes Breakfast included:
• Monroe Police Department Sgt. Rick Dunn, who forced a suicidal man off the railroad tracks as the train beared down on them between Snohomish and Monroe.
• Richard Oleson and Jose Diaz, two neighbors who teamed up to retrieve two 12-year-olds who fell through thin ice on Everett’s Beverly Lake in January 2013.
• Rob Zabel, a Snohomish High School wrestling coach who saved coach Dan Mundell using CPR after Mundell had a heart attack at school.
• Carlee Lankhaar and Everett police officer Andrew Shuck used CPR to save a 15-year-old boy who fell out of a tree after being electrocuted by power lines.
• Brian Armstrong and Laurie Turner, who saved two stranded kayakers and a boy stranded on Jetty Island.
• Jenna, Lauren and Sharon Blalock, an Everett family who together performed CPR to save Sharon’s husband Richard Blalock. Jenna, 8, and Lauren, 9, alternated giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on their dad.
• Everett Police Sgt. Jeraud Irving was awarded the Spirit of Red Cross Award. Irving, a former emergency medical technician, is training Everett police officers chest  compression-only CPR that’s quicker than normal CPR techniques.
• Former Snohomish County executive Bob Drewel was honored with a Humanitarian of the Year award for more than 30 years of service. Drewel retired as head of the Puget Sound Regional Council last month, and he also led a workgroup trying to land the Boeing 777X.

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