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Weed business: 449 apply to grow, process, sell
SNOHOMISH COUNTY - More than 400 recreational marijuana entrepreneurs have applied for business licenses in Snohomish County, from downtown Monroe to a number of locations in Everett.
The state Liquor Control Board has received 449 license applications for retailers, growers and processors in this county, according to the board’s list. The liquor control board is in charge of processing recreational marijuana business licenses per Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana use for adults 21 and over.
The 30-day license application window closed Dec. 20.
There are 110 retail license applications competing for 35 available licenses allocated for Snohomish County. A large number of applicants want to grow marijuana — a lot of those from Arlington — or open processing plants.
Not everyone will be allowed to enter into this business.
The applicants will have numerous hoops to jump through, including meeting a rigorous compliance checklist from the liquor control board and local zoning codes that cities put in place to direct where marijuana businesses can go.
Recreational marijuana retail shops will be specialty stores that have to meet stringent security requirements and sell only one thing: marijuana and marijuana-related supplies.
Furthermore, the liquor control board is allowing only a certain amount of retailers per city.
Everett’s limit is five retailers. There are 28 retail applications for Everett.
Most of the applicants want to open along Evergreen Way and north Broadway, where the city’s marijuana zoning code allows shops to open along most of the stretch. There are also requests to open up on Silver Lake Way — an operation called Kush and Go — and one shop license request to locate on Everett Mall Way.
Everett’s zoning code requires 2,500-foot buffers between retail shops to avoid marijuana clusters.
Some Everett applicants, such as DKJ Food Shop on Everett’s Casino Road and the White Buffalo Saloon on Evergreen Way — which right now are a convenience store and a bar, respectively — would have to completely scale back their stores to sell only marijuana to meet state regulations.
In Monroe, one retailer has asked to open up in the heart of downtown on Main Street. Another retailer wants to open a shop on West Main Street. Monroe was allocated one shop by the liquor control board.
Overall, four retailers have applied for locations in Monroe.
Snohomish adopted a six-month moratorium on allowing recreational marijuana businesses, but a few have applied to open shops in city limits.
A large share of the retail applications want to open on Highway 9 or elsewhere outside city limits, although one applicant wants to locate where the Bijou Salon currently is located at 128 Ave. C between First and Second streets.
Mukilteo, which limited retailers to a few select parcels on the Mukilteo Speedway, has three applicants all wanting to be almost next door to each other. Mukilteo was allocated one retail marijuana shop.
Marijuana growing and processing applicants dot the map in general.
The liquor control board posted the full application list in its “frequently requested lists” section of its website at


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