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Traffic light at First and Avenue D should be up soon
SNOHOMISH - Subcontractors working for the city are still waiting for the last pieces to arrive so that final work can be completed on a new traffic light at First Street and Avenue D.
Public works director Steve Schuller said last week that the electrical control panel for the light has arrived and been fully tested. The project is just waiting for a few more parts to arrive before contractors begin the final phase of putting up the light.
“The control box is the key computer that controls the intersection, and it’s come back and has met all of our specifications,” Schuller said last week.
  The installation of the traffic light is the final phase of the project that is supposed to improve the intersection from failing, which means drivers currently wait one minute or more during peak hours at the soon-to-be eliminated four-way stop.
The project’s electrical subcontractor, Service Electric of downtown Snohomish, should be giving the city an update early this week, Schuller said.
The decorative traffic light poles will be similar to those at the intersection of Second Street and Avenue A, which were installed in 2009.
The majority of the intersection’s reconstruction happened last summer and included new crosswalks and landscaping. The underground electrical infrastructure also was put in at that time and required some lane closures.


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