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Senior gathers support to repaint Monroe High School
MONROE - There’s an ambitious senior at Monroe High School who has been making an impression on city council members, and soon he may be making a permanent impression on the walls of his school.
Brandon Harano, 17, is Monroe’s first-ever City Council student representative and asked the council last week for its support of his latest project, which will be to repaint the interior walls of the school from red and blue to school colors orange and black.
Council members unanimously voiced their support for Harano’s project at last week’s council meeting.
Harano said students are constantly asking him why the walls aren’t the school’s colors and that the project will bolster school pride.
Harano first proposed the idea at the Dec. 14 council meeting. He was not asking for any funding from the city, only its support. All of the money to paint the walls will come from community donations and fundraising.
At last week’s meeting, Mayor Robert Zimmerman read a resolution in support of Harano’s project.
“This is in support of the attempts by the student body to try to see this come to fruition,” Zimmerman said. “This statement is to say that the City Council is standing up in support of his efforts and we support your actions. Good luck!”
Harano said he got involved with the project when the idea to repaint the interior of the school was brought up in class during his sophomore year.
“We spent a couple weeks researching what it would take, but it got shut down,” Harano said. “The labor cost would have been too high because the janitors would probably have had to do the painting. But once I became a student representative for Monroe, I brought it back up and realized that it’s fairly possible and it would be really awesome.”
The project is still in its beginning stages, but “it’s been awesome to have all the interest and excitement” surrounding it, Harano said.
“I brought it up to the senior class and I had about 60 seniors that wanted to help,” Harano said. “If this project can be approved, it could very well become a big senior project.”
Harano said he still has to present the idea to the Monroe School Board.
Though the painting project was one of his biggest priorities when he became the council student representative, he said he’s looking forward to bringing other students’ issues to the city’s attention.
Harano doesn’t participate in the legislative duties of the council, but he has been learning a lot by attending the meetings and appreciates the ability to represent his peers.
Harano attends City Council meetings every Tuesday night, he said, and can be seen sitting up front at a city staff table next to public works director Brad Feilberg.
“I’ve been learning how city government works and what topics are being discussed in my city,” Harano said. “When students come up to me with concerns about their city or the direction it’s going, I’ll definitely voice them.”


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