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Police still searching for guns stolen from Fred Meyer
SNOHOMISH - A man who stole 29 handguns from the Snohomish Fred Meyer, most of which are yet to be recovered, was probably fueling his heroin habit, Snohomish Police Chief John Flood said last week.
The suspect, a 35-year-old Monroe man, was arrested Nov. 18, a day after he allegedly broke into Fred Meyer while the night stockers were on break and dashed off with the guns in under 10 minutes.
Since arresting the suspect, five more people have been arrested as of late last week who police believe knowingly purchased or were given the stolen guns. Flood doesn’t know how many others are involved.
Of the 29 stolen guns, only six have been recovered.
“It’s certainly a priority for us to recover these guns to get them out of the community and we’re doing whatever we have to to get those guns back, but since it’s been almost two weeks now, the chances of us finding the guns is becoming more remote,” Flood said.
Flood said this is not necessarily fueled by a crime ring trading in stolen guns. The suspect likely didn’t enter the store set on stealing guns, but simply stole the most expensive thing he encountered, Flood said.
“This is associated with drugs unfortunately; it’s heroin again,” Flood said. “This is someone whose lifestyle is this: they break the law and do burglaries. This is someone that decided he was going to do a commercial burglary with the hope of getting enough product to support his drug habit.”
The suspect reportedly used a crowbar to break into the gun display case.
Flood said “plain old good police work” helped catch the suspect. The suspect came back the next night around the same odd hour — 3:45 a.m. — to the Snohomish Fred Meyer fuel pumps. His story didn’t add up, but his car matched the description of the burglary getaway vehicle.
One of the other suspects arrested was a 52-year-old Marysville man who had a one-hour standoff with the Snohomish County Regional SWAT team in Marysville.
Gas was used to eventually smoke the man out of his house, Flood said.


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