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City wants residents’ opinions on how to manage future growth
EVERETT - City planners are asking residents, business owners and people with an interest in Everett to tell them what the city should look like in 2035 through an online survey.
The website address for the survey is at the end of this story.
One of the key questions is how 60,000 more people — the equivalent to Marysville’s entire population — should fit into Everett in 20 years.
This is the time for people to speak up on how they want Everett to grow and how they want their neighborhoods shaped.
The city anticipates 30,000 more housing units will be built to accommodate the population growth.
The 25-question online survey is to help the city update its comprehensive plan, a tool that outlines long-range planning strategies. This update extends the city’s planning horizon from 2025 to 2035.
Planners also want to know if new housing should be clustered around Everett Station, built up Broadway or along Evergreen Way, added to downtown or spread all over. Another option asks if duplexes should be allowed in all single-family neighborhoods.
Many of the questions are open-ended requests for feedback on what’s great about Everett and what’s rotten about it.
People also can suggest how the city spends its money through the survey.
The comprehensive plan provides guidelines for city growth by defining what types of housing are allowed in what areas, outlining transportation, utilities and public facilities needed to accommodate future growth, and identifying how future infrastructure improvements will be funded.
“We want to know what kind of community citizens want Everett to be in 20 years and beyond,” city planning director Allan Giffen said in a statement. “People can focus on their own neighborhood or part of town, or consider the entire city. We hope people will take the time to make their voice heard during this important process.”
“The comprehensive plan is more than just a technical policy document,” Giffen said. “It will help shape the character and form of our community for decades. This is a unique opportunity for citizens to be a part of those important decisions.”
The comprehensive plan will be finalized and adopted by the city council in mid-2015. 
People can provide the city contact information to receive notifications during the comprehensive plan update process.
To take the survey,
go to


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