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Judge sets bail at $50,000 for Monroe ex-cop
MONROE - The former Monroe police officer charged with multiple sex crimes had his bail set at $50,000 last week.
Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Lisa Paul wrote in an affidavit last month that Carlos Martinez, 59, is trying to track down the woman he is accused of abusing when she was underage, giving Paul reason for requesting the higher bail amount.
Martinez was charged Aug. 30 with rape, voyeurism, child molestation and possession of sexually explicit images of a minor. He pleaded not guilty to the charges last month.
Martinez was represented by public defender Sarah Silbovitz at his bail hearing on Sept. 23. Silbovitz told the judge that Martinez poses no flight risk and asked that a more appropriate $10,000 bail be set. Martinez also asked Judge Anita Farris to allow him to leave the state for a birthday celebration with his friends and was turned down by the judge.
In Paul’s court documents, she wrote that Martinez was abusing his private investigator’s license to gather information about the victim. His behavior led to the revocation of his license on July 11.
In a Washington State Patrol investigation report, the investigator documented some of Martinez’s erratic behavior. The investigator received a call from an employee at the state Department of Licensing, who had spoken to Martinez over the phone.
Martinez had called the employee in reference to the revocation of his license, but said that Martinez seemed “more obsessed with the victim’s location than the sanctions she had placed on him.”
His behavior was “that of a crazy man,” the WSP investigator wrote.
The investigator concluded that Martinez was still actively trying to locate the victim and defame her character. Many of the people Martinez was trying to contact would be likely character witnesses for the victim during trial.
“Luckily most of them have seen through his attempts to defame her and believe he is crazy,” the investigator wrote, and added that Martinez poses a threat to the victim both emotionally and physically.
Martinez is a former sergeant with the Monroe Police Department. He left the department in 2009 amid an internal investigation into allegations he was involved in a domestic violence dispute with his wife.
Martinez met the teenage girl he is accused of abusing through his work as a drug education officer in the Monroe School District. She was 14 when the relationship began under the guise of a mentor-mentee relationship. The girl baby-sat his kids and sometimes spent the night at the defendant’s house, charging papers say.
The girl, now 24, told police the two would have sex while Martinez was on duty as a Monroe police officer, charging papers say.
The relationship lasted 10 years until the woman was 24. She went to police in Texas in November 2011, where she and Martinez had been living together for two years.
She currently doesn’t live in Washington.


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