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Reason for stabbing remains unknown
SNOHOMISH - Why two brothers were stabbed at the former Freshman Campus late last month remains unanswered as additional details emerge about the night.
A man, 28, and a woman, 27, allegedly attacked three brothers playing Frisbee in the field at the campus in the 600 block of Glen Avenue around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday, July 23. Earlier that night, police were called to the couple’s apartment near the field for a domestic disturbance call.
During the reportedly random attack, the older brothers, 22, and 23, told their younger brother, 13, to run home. The younger brother escaped the attack while the other two were beaten with a crow bar and stabbed, according to arresting documents.
One brother suffered a large laceration to his chest and a collapsed lung. The other suffered similar stab wounds but his injuries were less life-threatening. The two were taken to different hospitals, Snohomish Police Chief John Flood said.
According to arresting documents, “had treatment for (the victims) not been obtained in an expedited manner, they both could have easily died as a result of their respective injuries.”
Flood said the brothers told police they didn’t know why they were attacked.
During the incident, the attackers reportedly yelled statements like: “This is what you get for jumping someone.” According to the brothers, there was no previous incident of anyone being “jumped” that they knew of.
The two brothers had never seen the woman before and had only seen the man once before. Earlier that evening, the man approached the three brothers playing in the field and told them that he and his girlfriend were having a fight, according to arresting documents. The man then returned later with the woman and allegedly attacked the two after asking the brothers if they’d seen their lost dog.
The brothers identified their attackers to police and two days later the couple was arrested at their apartment near the field.
The man and woman have both been booked into Snohomish County Jail.
The night of the attack, Snohomish police were called to their apartment on a domestic disturbance call. Flood said the incident appeared to be a “straightforward domestic violence” incident. At around 8 p.m., the woman called 911 to report a disturbance at her apartment. The man left the apartment sometime after police arrived. The couple faces possible assault charges.


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