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City wants roundabout at Madison, Fremont, Main
MONROE - The city wants to build a roundabout on Main Street just west of downtown with construction to start in 2017.
The $5 million roundabout would be located at Madison Street, Fremont Street and Main Street, at the corner where Candido’s Auto Repair is now.
The city is proposing this roundabout as a way to fix traffic backups from cars turning left off Main Street onto Lewis Street by sending cars to Fremont Street through a roundabout instead.
To fit in the roundabout, the city would need to remove Candido’s, three homes and a used car lot. About $2.3 million of the roundabout’s cost would come from buying these properties, the city wrote in a grant funding proposal.
The city’s downtown master plan calls for Fremont Street to take left turning traffic off of Main Street. Left turning traffic would be rerouted to Fremont Street and left turns off of Main Street at Lewis would be prohibited, city engineers wrote in the proposal.
A gateway sign would be built at the roundabout as well.
The project is one of five statewide being considered for grant funding by the Puget Sound Regional Council, a state transportation funding authority. The PSRC is recommending Monroe’s project receive $240,000 for design work.
A funding decision is due from the PSRC’s board in September. The PSRC is accepting public comments through Aug. 9.
In its application, the city is timing construction for early 2017 and design work to start this fall.
The project is one of five projects recommended to receive nearly $3.4 million in funding from PSRC’s Rural Town Centers and Corridors Program. The PSRC also is recommending a project in Snohomish to widen 30th Street receive almost $200,000 in design funding.


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