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Residents ask for removal of parking restrictions
SNOHOMISH - A request from neighbors on Avenue E near Snohomish High School to remove the parking permit requirement on their street has been tabled.
City Manager Larry Bauman said the earliest the City Council may revisit the issue would be Tuesday, Aug. 6.
A resident presented the City Council with a petition signed by 15 residents in the 400 block of Avenue E on June 4, asking the council to consider removing the parking restrictions on their block.
The parking restrictions were originally established to prevent students from parking in the area. With two high schools now, parking isn’t as much of an issue, residents say.
The petitioning residents want the restrictions removed because the city’s enforcement is too erratic and causes a “major annoyance” to their guests.
They also say the $20 fee per car creates a hardship for some.
The city wants to have more of a discussion with the Snohomish School District before making any decisions about removing the parking permitting process, Bauman said.
“We want to talk to the school district to understand their perspective on the issue of student parking,” Bauman said. “Our objective is to bring it back as quickly as possible.”


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