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Developer proposes to build road into housing subdivision

MONROE — The developer of a planned residential subdivision next to the Foothills neighborhood has resubmitted its application to include an additional access road into the area.
The added road will connect Roosevelt Road to the west end of the subdivision, public works director Brad Feilberg said last week. The revised application was received by the city June 4 and announced to the City Council at its June 11 meeting.
The Foothills Homeowners Association has been active in protesting the subdivision plan because it lacks an additional access road. Roosevelt Road is the only access road into the area, and Foothills representatives said that isn’t enough to accommodate the increased traffic that will come with the new subdivision.
They also have concerns about construction traffic going through the area and the danger that will present to the young and elderly living in the nearby neighborhood. Unlike the issue of the access road, that has not yet been addressed by the Bear Mountain subdivision developer.
Foothills spokesman Geoffrey Thomas wasn’t able to comment on the revised application last week because he needed more time to read through the revised application. Feilberg said the application is not yet complete and the city is still waiting on more required documents from the developer.
Nothing is proceeding yet, he said.
Also revised is the number of lots in the subdivision. There are now plans for 76 single-family homes, up from the original count of 73.
The subdivision’s planned location is at the end of Bear Mountain Road SE on about 20 acres. It would be next to the existing 210-home Foothills neighborhood.


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