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Housing subdivision doesn’t sit well with neighbors
EVERETT - Michael Trujillo stretched his arm across a green space bordered by 100-year-old trees that soon could turn into a 71-house subdivision neighbors in the Cascade View and Twin Creeks neighborhoods don’t want.
A developer wants to build 61 tightly packed two-story single-family homes on the green space and 10 more on the next parcel over.
Maybe neighbors wouldn’t be as upset if the developer made the subdivision fit inside the green space and left the trees standing, neighborhoods chair Trujillo said. That way neighbors wouldn’t see the homes.
The proposed subdivision is located on 92nd Street SE northwest of the Everett Mall. The homes will go on a 7.1-acre parcel, the only natural open space left in the area.
The developer, Seattle Pacific Homes of Everett, plans to name the development Kenridge.
Neighbors say the development is the biggest thing to impact their neighborhood in a long time.
They don’t like that the subdivision will overlook their homes, among other issues.
In response to written complaints, a public hearing before the city’s hearing examiner is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday, June 6 on the eighth floor of City Hall, 2930 Wetmore Ave.
More than 40 neighbors came to the neighborhood’s monthly meeting last week to hear from the developer and its land use consultant Ry McDuffy.
The houses will be built 10 feet apart from each other, and there will be one entry point into the subdivision on 92nd Street.
The single-family homes will be considered condominiums in name only because the homeowners won’t own the land, Seattle Pacific’s operations manager Darin Huseby said.
Neighbors say 92nd Street SE is too narrow for current traffic levels. Drivers use it as a shortcut through the neighborhood, and pedestrians use it to get to the nearby Target.
“Adding 400 cars is irresponsible” without improvements, said Celia Strong, resident and former traffic engineer.
“Pedestrians are in grave danger with the condition it is today and I am frightened by what’s going to happen,” Strong said.
Resident Dee Eddy said her husband’s nearly been hit twice on the street.
“There’s going to be way too much traffic,” Eddy said. “It’s not just cars; it’s foot traffic.”
The street will be widened by 10 feet and sidewalks will be put in, McDuffy said. Additional improvements may include a traffic light, he said.
The city’s traffic engineer determined the subdivision doesn’t require a traffic study based on traffic volumes, planning director Allan Giffen said last week. “The traffic mitigation provided will be frontage improvements and traffic impact fees based on the number of houses,” Giffen said, adding that no other traffic mitigation improvements are needed.
“Why is the planning department considering putting in condominiums in a neighborhood that’s already small,” neighbor Kathy Bellin said, later saying in a separate interview that the development is “a crime against the neighborhood.”
Neighbors knew the land would be developed after the owners died, but they didn’t expect so many homes to be stuffed onto the lot.
“We were expecting a neighborhood, not a compound of condominiums,” Bellin said.
Some neighbors feel burned by the city because the subdivision proposal showed up last fall, but neighbors only heard about it last month.
Neighbors were unimpressed to learn from city planner John Jimerson the code allows up to 105 homes on the property. An earlier proposal rejected by the city asked for duplexes.
Jimerson is accepting written comments through Thursday, June 6 that will be forwarded to the hearing examiner for that day’s 9 a.m. hearing. Send comments to


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