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Animal control investigating Snohomish property
SNOHOMISH - Snohomish County animal control is investigating the health of 13 horses on a man’s property on E. Lowell-Larimer Road near Snohomish that community members have been concerned about for over a year.
Animal control has issued a search warrant on the property, a veterinarian has been to the property to test the horses’ health and a corrective action order has been given to the property owner, said Vicki Lubrin, manager of licensing and animal control services with Snohomish County.
Since the investigation is ongoing, Lubrin wouldn’t comment on when the investigation started, when it is expected to conclude or any details about the corrective action order.
Horse advocates have been keeping an eye on the property for several months and recently posted pictures of a very skinny thoroughbred on Facebook.
“One horse is extremely emaciated and in very poor condition,” said Jaime Taft, former president of Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE), a horse rescue group located in Woodinville but active in Snohomish County.
Taft said last week she is concerned that if these horses are eventually removed from the property, they will be sent to auction where the only likely buyers will be buyers for slaughterhouses. Taft would rather see neglected horses given to groups like SAFE.


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