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Neighbors question proposed housing subdivision
EVERETT - Neighbors northwest of the Everett Mall are against a proposed large subdivision they say will bring too many impacts to the area.
A developer is proposing to put 71 homes on a 7.3-acre piece of land located at 420 92nd St. SE. The developer is making way of what’s currently a 5-acre green space that has one house on it.
Neighbors in the Cascade View Neighborhood knew the land would be developed after the owners died, but they didn’t expect so many homes would be stuffed onto the lot, according to six written comments submitted against the proposed development.
They are concerned the development would put too many cars onto 92nd Street SE. The road lacks sidewalks and is used as a shortcut by drivers, neighbors wrote.
Many people wrote that they disagreed with the city planning department’s determination the project will have no significant impacts.
“This project will have a significant impact on the surrounding area,” wrote Twin Creeks and Cascade View Neighborhood chair Michael Trujillo, whose subdivision abuts the west side of the proposed development.
Another neighbor wrote that the development could affect the nearby North Creek.
The developer and its land-use consultant were scheduled to speak at the Twin Creeks and Cascade View Neighborhood meeting Monday, May 20 after press time. A public hearing on the proposal is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, June 6 in the eighth-floor public hearing room at City Hall, 3002 Wetmore Ave.
Written comments are being accepted through June 6.


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