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Dust covers Bayside Neighborhood homes
EVERETT - Dust from the demolition site at the former Kimberly-Clark Mill alarmed neighbors in the Bayside Neighborhood earlier this month, but state agency officials may not be able to do anything about it.
Neighbors saw dust rising from the demolition site during the dry week of May 6. Cars and homes were “sandblasted” with dust, neighborhood chair Andrea Tucker said last week.
Neighbor Dawn Ryan said dust covered her windows that overlook the site. Her patio cover had enough dust on it that one could write in it.
A Puget Sound Clean Air Agency inspector spoke to the demolition contractors Monday, May 13 and both Tucker and Ryan said a water truck quickly started watering the site soon afterward.
Kimberly-Clark’s onsite demolition supervisor Bryan Lust told Tucker the demolition contractor’s water truck broke down, in an e-mail that was shared with the Tribune. A new, bigger water truck showed up onsite Tuesday, May 7.
“I will continue to shepherd the contractor to make sure they prevent the problem from getting out of control,” Lust wrote to Tucker on Thursday, May 9.
Ryan, though, said late last week she continues to see plumes of dust coming from the site well after the new watering truck was brought in. She said she sees the water trucks watering equipment paths onsite but not the concrete buildings being demolished.
Her husband Sean is a former heavy construction worker, and they are concerned about what’s in the buildings’ dust particles and how that dust could harm their 8-month-old daughter.
Dawn Ryan said she shouldn’t feel like she can’t open her windows in the hot weather because of the dust. The site’s contractor Cambria or Kimberly-Clark should clean it up, she said.
“We’ll have to pressure wash the house,” Dawn Ryan said.
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency can’t do anything without witnessing something, agency spokeswoman Joanne Todd said last week.
No citations are being filed, Todd said last week.
“It’s disappointing, but not necessarily surprising,” Dawn Ryan said after being told what Todd told the Tribune.
Neighbors can continue to call in dust issues, Todd said.
Kimberly-Clark spokesman Bob Brand said Lust’s e-mail shows the issue was “quickly addressed,” Brand said in an e-mail. “Any concerns from neighbors would be handled on a case-by-case situation.”
To report dust issues, call the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency air quality hot line at 800-595-4341.


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