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Ecology signs off on wakeboard park conditional use permit
MONROE - The wakeboard park project at Lake Tye is just three permits away from being able to break ground and is awaiting approval on one state permit and two city permits.
Watersport company H30 is currently waiting for approval from the state on its joint aquatic resource permit application, public works director Brad Feilberg said last week. The Department of Ecology recently approved H30’s conditional use permit Feb. 22, which allowed the city to move forward with processing the two remaining municipal permits needed before construction can begin.
This month H30 applied for a grading permit and a special flood hazard permit, which likely will be approved this month as well.
H30 reportedly said it could begin construction as early as May. Construction will take approximately six months.
The project will take up 17 acres of the 42-acre lake and will include a cable-tow wakeboard ride supported by six towers and a beginner cable line supported by two towers in the southern portion of the lake. The ride will include trick features and a 2,500-square-foot pro shop that will house ticket and retail sales, restrooms, lockers and an office.
H30 has said it wanted to peacefully coexist with current uses on the lake such as fishing and swimming.
The project has long been a source of controversy among residents who say the public lake shouldn’t be used for private business. They also are concerned about noise, traffic and safety. Environmentalists say the project will harm plant and wildlife in the area.
Supporters of the project say it fits nicely with other uses and provides an activity for people in the summer.


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