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A family farm preserved for generations

Doug Ramsay photo,

Rosemary and Cliff Bailey at their home on Springhetti Road south of Snohomish city limits, along with a few cows that they borrow for the summer. While the family was in the dairy business for almost 80 years, Cliff said he uses the cows to keep from having to mow the field behind the home.

SNOHOMISH — The Bailey Farm land is almost 300 acres and runs from the east Snohomish River to Highway 9, to the railroad track, up the hill where Springhetti curves into Broadway. Now, an act by the county will keep it as farmland forever. For Cliff and Rosemary Bailey, it's exactly how they want the five-generations-old farm to be preserved.  More...

No action to modify Hal Moe Pool deed restrictions

SNOHOMISH — The City Council is evaluating whether to modify the land zoning under half a city block that once was Averill baseball field.
A city attorney weighed in on this last week, saying the deed restriction is not enforceable by the group that put the restrictions on the land.

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Wally Walsh fought for community, children

SNOHOMISH — Wally Walsh’s altruistic generosity was felt across the city, and his drive for brain injury awareness was both deeply personal and nationally recognized. His efforts will have enduring, life-saving effects for future generations.
Walsh died Thursday, Aug. 11 at the age of 84. A well-attended memorial service was held Sunday, Aug. 21.

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City leaders responsive to giving city dollars to Health District

SNOHOMISH — Dr. Gary Goldbaum, health officer for the Snohomish Health District, is making rounds to various cities to help heal the public health agency’s ailing budget.
His pitch is for each city in Snohomish County give the district a flat $2 for every city resident.
Some city leaders appear welcome to opening their cities’ pocketbooks.

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Man accused in Machias murder-arson deemed fit for trial

SNOHOMISH — Zach Konicke, the man accused of a murder and the arson of his parents’ Snohomish-area home in January, was again found mentally competent and fit for trial later this year.

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Snohomish swim fees to go up starting Sept. 12

SNOHOMISH — Swim fees at the Snohomish Aquatic Center are going to increase next month and jump up 50 cents for some users.

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Grand Avenue Park Bridge may start construction this fall

EVERETT — Last week, the City Council approved a call for bids to construct the Grand Avenue Park Bridge project.
The $16 million project, which is chiefly a utility replacement project for four different pipelines, would connect the north end of Grand Avenue Park to the Port of Everett waterfront using a pedestrian bridge spanning over West Marine View Drive and railroad tracks.

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Monroe's improved skate park opens

Doug Ramsay photo,

A skateboarder gets some air at the now-open bigger and better skate park at Lake Tye Park that had its grand opening celebration last week. The city has named it the Board and Blade Skate Park, and it is said to be the largest municipal skate park in Snohomish County. Grindline Skateparks did the design work.
Snohomish struck again:
Pink graffiti vandal defaces Hal Moe Pool site

SNOHOMISH — Children and passersby gawked at pink letters written on the gray Hal Moe Pool building found the morning of Monday, Aug. 8. City work crews found the pink graffiti scrawled on all sides of the Hal Moe Pool building.
The pink spray paint defaced the building with similar phrases that were found at the city’s boat launch the morning of July 22.
Futher pink paint was found on the posts for the U.S. 2 underpass up S. Machias Road north of Three Lakes Road.

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Aptly named band working to educate on water use

SNOHOMISH — A local band is taking on the task of spreading water conservation awareness, and recently spent a July day spreading flyers on the cause. Band members in Under the Puddle is is also involved with the Clean Water Foundation, a project focused on providing clean, usable water to children in developing countries.
The name is coincidental; the guys named themselves before taking on the cause.

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Snohomish library partially closes through August

SNOHOMISH — The main room of the Snohomish library on Maple Avenue will be closed through Sept. 5, but the library plans to provide limited service in its side room.

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Sewer work on Maple Avenue continues this month

SNOHOMISH — If you’ve driven up Maple Avenue the past few weeks, you may have noticed traffic delays because of construction.
The delays are because the city is working to replace approximately 500 feet of sewer main pipe along Maple Avenue.

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