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Headlines from Snohomish, Monroe and Everett

Council may shoot down marijuana shops soon

Bob McGowan of the Morgantown neighborhood in Snohomish talks to a large group of citizens that included many Snohomish School District teachers and sports coaches prior to them entering the district’s Resource and Service Center, where they were going to speak to the Snohomish City Council against the ordinance establishing marijuana sales on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

SNOHOMISH — The City Council voted 4-3 to draft a new ordinance to outright ban recreational marijuana retailers. The decision was met with thunderous applause and cheers from a group of more than 60 residents at last week’s council meeting.
An ordinance banning marijuana shops in town will come to a vote on Oct. 7. More

Monroe’s annual free spectacle of swifts will be Sept. 13
MONROE — Residents of all ages can enjoy what’s being called “an amazing natural event” this Saturday, Sept. 13 at Frank Wagner Elementary.
The annual furious flurry of Vaux’s Swifts, a tiny type of Chaetura species bird, will descend upon the old chimney at the Wagner Center at 639 W. Main Street.

How are crime rates faring in your neighborhood?
EVERETT — Last month, Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman ran down crime figures across the city as part of a rare statistical overview on crime.
In this article, the Tribune walks through each neighborhood's crime trend report.

Pumpkins will fly this weekend
SNOHOMISH — Rejoice! It’s nearly fall, the favorite season for Snohomish, which is turning itself into the “Pumpkin Capital of the Northwest.”
Since 2007, Snohomans flock to kick off autumn merrymaking with the Annual Pumpkin Hurl & Medieval Faire at Alexander Farm on Ebey Island. The faire kicks off pumpkin season across Snohomish River Valley farms through Oct. 31. Find the full schedule for this weekend's Faire here: More

At this farm, growing knowledge is as important as the crops
SNOHOMISH — SNOHOMISH — Sometimes it takes a small farm to make a big impact.
The Caruso Farm is a family farm in the Snohomish River Valley where its operators prize teaching people about produce as much as they prize a good harvest. More

West downtown proposal irks neighbors
EVERETT — Neighbors on the western edge of downtown are concerned about a proposed development they say better belongs in the downtown core. More

Our in-depth look:

Heroin: Use impacts more than just the user

Doug Ramsay photo,

SNOHOMISH — Heroin, a prevalent force to be reckoned with in the region, has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind lately due to extensive crime and media coverage. It has been the fuel behind the fire of criminal activity countywide and the source of many broken families. The community seeks to stop it but law enforcement said that will take time and more public education.
For some, time is running out. More

More key stories on recent issues:

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Carnegie Building plan

Snohomish County Heroin Epidemic

In other news:
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