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At least 91 in county died while homeless in 2023

EVERETT — Ninety-one individuals, if not more, died on the streets in Snohomish County last year. Twelve served in the military. Each was honored at the county’s vigil for homeless individuals Dec. 21, the longest night of the year.
The number of people memorialized at the annual vigil has grown since the county’s first one in 2010.
The county creates its list from news reports and information from social services providers.
The risk of dying prematurely is real for homeless individuals. The life expectancy for a homeless person is estimated to be some 25 years shorter than the average American.
The county’s list of those honored were:
• Amalia A., Deborah A., Keith A., Samira A.
• Jonathan B., Clifton B., Tammy B., Gina B., Cindy B., Sergio B., Michael B., Nichelle B.
• Terry C., Leo C., Dante C., Tammera C., Amanda C.
• Anthony D., Brian D., Jesus D., Jess D., Patrick D.
• Charles E., Rachell E.
• Frank F.
• Christian G., Douglas G., Brittany G., Michael G., Raquel G.
• Robert H., Nicole H.,
Frantisek H., Glenda H., Michael H., Abel H., Rudolph H.
• Lacey I.
• Jason J., Joseph J., Mark J., Brandon J., Wendi J.
• Barbara L., Robert L., Milton L.
• David M., Arielle M., Michael M., Todd M., Duane M.
• Shelley N.
• Jonathan O., Nicol O.
• Tomas P.
• Luten R., Jonathan R., Efrain R., Thomas R., Oscar R.
• Baranda S., Serenity S., Douglas S., Aboudakar S., Erik S., Kenneth S., Julia S., Michael S., Rhonda S., Jeremy S., Stephanie S., Tracy S.
• Daniel T.
• Derek V.
• Justin W., Leighton W., Jason W.
• Thomas Z.
• Grant B., U.S. Army
• Lee J., U.S. Army
• Aaron P., U.S. Army
• Byron T., U.S. Army
• Richard A., U.S. Marine Corps.
• Donald B., U.S. Navy
• Christopher H., U.S. Navy
• Earl S., U.S. Navy
• Larry J., U.S. Navy
• Steven B., military branch unknown
• Matthew H., military branch unknown
• John S., military branch unknown



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