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Flaw in Ford fullsize trucks makes them theft target

MONROE — Many full-size Ford trucks have been stolen in the area. The trucks are not being stolen for joy rides; they are being stolen for other crimes. Often, they are used for stealing ATMs due to the size of the truck. 
From January to May 2023, 29 stolen vehicles were reported stolen in Monroe and 18 stolen cars were recovered, the Monroe Police Department said. 
1999–2007 Ford trucks that are four-door, four-wheel-drive pickup models have outside door handles that are poorly designed. The trucks are easy to pry open with a crowbar or screwdriver to pop the lock open. Once they get in, they jam a screwdriver into the ignition to steal the truck. 
Three such trucks from this era were stolen in Monroe in a single week in early August.
“It is so common for these Ford trucks to be stolen that I have a standard task job in the computer for Ford theft recovery that includes the door handle lock cylinder, ignition switch and all the plastic trim pieces that need to be fixed. I got tired of putting together different estimates, so I made a standard job because it is happening so frequently,” said Evan Beck, the owner of Pacific Diesel Service in Monroe.
One of these trucks was stolen from Pacific Diesel Service’s lot. It was a 2004/2005 Ford truck that was later reported to have driven to the Storm Lake store to drive into the store for the ATM. The truck was found parked at a construction site through its GPS services. It looked like it belonged at the construction site. 
An anti-theft product to buy is called a Jimmi Jammer, which prevents access to the lock cylinder for the door handle. 
The vehicles with the highest theft rate last year were full-size pickups, according to the analysis done by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the insurance industry’s association dedicated to predicting, preventing, and prosecuting insurance crime. 
Recent data from “New Report Shows Full-Size Trucks Have the Highest Theft Rate” from the  insurance crime bureau says vehicle theft rates for sedans, including Honda, Hyundai, and Kia, followed those of full-size pickups, with recovery rates for Hyundais and Kias between 87 and 95 percent. Social media trends were a likely factor in those make’s high theft rankings in 2022. 
Full-size Chevrolet and Ford trucks were the first and second most stolen national cars, with the 2006 model being the most often stolen, with 48,175 thefts happening in 2022. In Washington State alone, the most often stolen model year is 1999, with 4,121 in 2022.
Anti-theft tips
• Consider using a steering wheel lock like The Club. While they might not be foolproof, they make it more time-consuming for thieves to steal your car.
• Install a visible, professional car alarm system to deter potential thieves.
• Install a GPS tracking platform that can help you locate your car in real-time if it’s stolen. This technology has become more affordable and user-friendly over time.
• Never leave your keys in the vehicle. Lock your car when it’s parked. Park in a well-lit area, where your vehicle is easily seen.
• If your vehicle is stolen, report your vehicle as stolen immediately to the police. According to NICB data, 34% of recovered stolen vehicles are recovered on the same day as the theft, and 45% are recovered within two days. Reporting the theft to law enforcement also provides a record to show to your insurer.



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