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Everett Farmers Market celebrating 30 seasons of providing local farmers’ bounties

In addition, a Wednesday farmers market at Everett Station opened June 7 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. It runs through Aug. 16.

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Jayden of A.C.M.A Mission Orchards out of Quincy, holds up a head of cabbage, as Janet Gore (far left) of Everett reacts with excitement at the Everett Farmers Market on Sunday, June 3. Gore had been in search of a head of cabbage to finally find the only vendor with them on that day.

EVERETT — When the Everett Farmers Market opened for the first time in July 1994, around 30 vendors were selling on a dirt lot near the corner of Pacific Avenue and Smith Street.
The popular market has moved several times, seen more vendors and, in its 30th season, is thriving in downtown Everett. Opening day kicked off the 2023 season May 14.
“It was a big day, said Karen Erickson, who handles marketing and communications for the Everett Farmers Market. “I think there was over 5,000 people.”
When the market opened in 1994, it took place on Friday afternoons.
“I really loved the market atmosphere,” said Marie Brayman, who founded the Everett Farmers Market and is living in California.
Unfortunately, the market took place during rush hour and the market lost vendors throughout its first season.
“The conditions were such that we weren’t able to draw people in,” Brayman said.
The market moved to a gravel lot at the Port of Everett the following year before moving to its longtime home on the boardwalk.
“Basically, we were starting from scratch, but the market did start to grow,” Brayman said. “We were winging it for the first few years.”
The Everett Farmers Market eventually moved to Boxcar Park at the Port before moving in 2019 to its current location in downtown Everett on Wetmore Avenue. Erickson highlighted some of the benefits of the market's downtown location, "People can walk from home or they can walk from church. They can park anywhere."
In addition to Everett, Brayman also started managing markets in Snohomish and Edmonds. The Everett Farmers Market continued to grow and, in 2001, it reached 100 vendors.
Brayman owned the Everett Farmers Market until 2001. She sold the market to Inger and Tone Hutton. The Huttons learned the farmers market was for sale when they were walking through the market. “Tone said, ‘you know, I think I could do this,’” Inger said.
“It was a good time in our lives feeling part of the community,” Inger said.
Through the ownership changes over the years, the Everett Farmers Market operates as a for-profit business. The Huttons owned the market for about 10 years. Inger said people appreciated not having a board running the market. Decision were made faster.
Throughout the years, the Huttons tried operating a second market in Everett. One attempt was made at Everett Community College for two seasons and a brief market took place on north Broadway.
Vendors also enjoyed an increase in sales when the Huttons introduced a token system that allowed people to use credit and debit cards at the market, Inger said.
“My whole thing was to make sure the vendors were as profitable as possible,” Inger Hutton said.
She added that she enjoyed browsing among the vendors at the market every Sunday to find the ingredients for her evening meal.
“I liked the energy of the market. It was fun being involved with something that’s alive,” Inger said.
After a decade running the Everett Farmers Market, the Huttons sold it to Gary Purves and Karen Erickson. They also had been involved with the Snohomish Farmers Market.
“They wanted someone who loved the market,” Erickson said.
She added the market had nearly 100 vendors during Sunday market’s opening day and the market will continue to work with local farmers and processors.
The Everett Farmers Market is attempting to grow. A Wednesday farmers market at Everett Station is scheduled to open June 7 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. through Aug. 16.
The Sunday farmers market is at 2930 Wetmore Ave. from 10:30 a.m. to 3 pm.



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