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Snohomish's Avenue A Gazebo replacement may come soon

Michael Whitney photo

The gazebo and its trees as seen in late June. The Tribune has modified the brightness of the right hand part of this picture to highlight the tree that is curving over which is proposed to be removed.

SNOHOMISH — A local businessowner generously willing to rehabilitate the Avenue A Gazebo is still up for it.
Palmer Bodin, the owner of Nordic Home Solutions, a construction company, will be rebuilding the gazebo with new decking, rails and a new roof.
Bodin said he fully intends to try to get started in the next few weeks, and he’s been acquiring the materials for the build.
It’s just that the summer months are the busiest time for the company’s business, and he’s donating the labor as well as materials. “We’re doing the best for what we can do,” Bodin said.
The gazebo would get a new deck made from recycled plastic and a new, flat cedar shake roof.
An associated landscaping plan calls for removing one tree close by. This tree’s crown has curved toward the gazebo. It poses a risk of falling onto the gazebo, city project manager Brennan Collins told the City Council last week.
The city would install a replacement tree in its place a little further away, the city’s public works services manager Tim Cross said.
Councilwoman Lea Anne Burke said post-meeting that she’s satisfied with the tree plan.
It opens an opportunity to bring a different tree there, Burke said, and the tree could add more visual interest for the gazebo.
In March, Burke and Councilwoman Donna Ray spoke out during council wanting to prohibit removing any trees. The initial plan called to cull all three surrounding the gazebo because they drop leaves and needles onto its roof. Keeping the problematic tree, though, raised concerns about investing in a major rehab job.
The three trees are rooted into steep slope that also has the back end of the gazebo close by. Park board member Alice Armstrong told the council to consider the chances the root systems of the trees are what’s holding the slope up.
Bodin approached the city on rebuilding the gazebo as a way to give the community a thank-you gift.
“It’s going to be beautiful for the beautiful people of Snohomish,” he said.




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