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Spiffing up the food bank
All-volunteer group gives Snohomish food bank fresh colors

Doug Ramsay photo

Volunteers Nile Arkush (left) and Norman Cooper (right) use a primer paint to touch up spots that had been scraped of old paint as they worked last week on preparing the Snohomish Community Food Bank for a repainting. The new paint scheme should be applied this week at the food bank off of Ferguson Road behind the Fire Station on Avenue D.

SNOHOMISH — The Snohomish food bank is getting a new paint job thanks to donations of supplies, time and labor from the community.
“It’s been about nine years since it was painted before, and because we sit on the edge of Ferguson Park it really gets weathered from the trees and the rain,” said Elizabeth Grant, Snohomish Community Food Bank director.
The food bank, located near the fire station, will have a similar color scheme as before.
According to Grant, the original color scheme of beige, blue and white will be upgraded to an ultra white to make it brighter; the pillars and trim will be a “subdued” navy blue, and the body will go from beige to a blue-grey color called “rainmaster.”
Supplies and paint were donated by the Home Depot in Snohomish.
Leading the painting project is Captain Will Lennon with the help of community volunteers, the Snohomish Lions Club and the Travis Manion Foundation to spread the word about the opportunity.
Lennon is the J-ROTC instructor at Snohomish High School and noticed the food bank could use some work when he and his students volunteered earlier in the year for community service.
After speaking with Grant, Lennon took it upon himself to facilitate the project and reached out to the Travis Manion Foundation.
Removing the old paint, using pressure washers and scrapers, was done by Lennon, a team of local volunteers and members of the foundation.
The painting will be done free of charge by Fonceca and Son, a local house painting company.
According to Aaron Fonceca, a Snohomish resident and owner of Fonceca and Son, he saw the post online and responded.“I sent my info over and said, ‘Yes, we want to do this,”’ Fonceca said. “We try to do at least one charitable thing a year.”
Fonceca said he will bring his whole crew and “knock it out in one day.”
The painting will be completed this week, depending on the weather.
As a retired Marine, Lennon was drawn to the Travis Manion Foundation and their mantra “If not me, then who…”
He feels it is important that veterans and families of fallen, have the ability to get involved and continue to serve their community.
Lennon stated when he sees something that needs to be done in the community, he would like to find a way to help.
“Like the mantra: ‘If not me, then who..,’” he said as he motioned towards the phrase tattooed along his forearm.
The foundation’s website says it “strives to unite and strengthen communities by training, developing, and highlighting the role models that lead them. We develop programs, training opportunities, and events designed to empower veterans and families of the fallen, and then inspire them to pass on their values to the next generation and the community at large.”
According to Lennon, the foundation serves the whole country, connecting veterans and families of fallen, allowing them to still serve and empower with Operation Legacy projects such as this.
A few years ago, Foundation members built new benches at the Snohomish Boys & Girls Club.
“It gives people an opportunity to serve once again, side by side with veterans in local communities,” said Lennon.
A part of the foundation is the character education curriculum, which is allowing veterans and families of fallen to work with youth groups and sports teams to develop character in future generations. Lennon has worked with Glacier Peak’s football team on multiple occasions, using his knowledge of dedication and hard work as a veteran, to strengthen the team physically and mentally.
For more information regarding the Travis Manion Foundation and how to get involved, visit




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