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Parking meters suggested
EVERETT — A consultant team has suggested the city could put parking meters downtown to simplify enforcement.
The city has free parking with 90-minute time limits for most spots.
It’s battling “reparking,” where people move their car to new spots to avoid tickets. (Most often, downtown store employees are doing it, the city says.)
The city used to ticket for reparking infractions, but would waive the citation if someone was shopping downtown. Police Chief Dan Templeman said officers stopped a while ago because it was difficult to enforce based on discerning whether people were downtown to shop.
The city has a team of seven parking enforcement officers.

Vote is March 4 on allowing more marijuana stores
EVERETT — The city may increase how many marijuana retailers are allowed from five stores to eight.
A City Council vote is scheduled for March 4. The city set a five-store limit in 2016; the state Liquor and Cannabis Board says Everett can have a maximum of 10.
One rule will be that any new store has a state-issued medical marijuana endorsement to get a city business license. Some City Council members want to see the public have wider access to medical marijuana, and have laid this goal out as a condition to feeling comfortable with allowing more stores. Right now, two of Everett’s five stores have the endorsement.
A workgroup of City Council members analyzed the issue in detail last year. For example, they concluded, from comparing police incident data for marijuana stores against bars and taverns, that the stores don’t pose a public safety concern.

Swedish back to bargaining
The nurses and caregivers of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW returned to bargaining last week with Swedish-Providence management, delivering good-faith proposals that moved closer to the hospital’s position on wages while remaining firm in their positions on patient safety, recruitment and retention, safety and security, safe staffing, and infection control.

Blackman Lake has toxic algae
SNOHOMISH — Blackman Lake is experiencing a blue-green algae bloom with scum accumulating along the shorelines.
A sample collected on Feb. 10 confirmed that the algae species has the potential to produce toxins (neurotoxin or liver toxin).
Do not drink the water or let pets drink the water, and do not swim or fish the lake until officials give the all-clear.

Gas leak closes Frank Wagner
MONROE — A gas leak identified behind Frank Wagner Elementary shut down the school Thursday, Feb. 13. 
The closure was “out of an abundance of caution,” school district spokeswoman Tamara Krache said.
The district anticipates the school will be back open this week for classes.

Body found was missing man
The county’s medical examiner’s office confirmed that a man’s skeletal body found in the woods of Tulalip was Jacob Hilkin, 24, of Everett.
Hilkin went missing in January 2018. He was last seen near a homeless camp, where he told a police officer he’d catch a bus home. He was out with friends the night before at the Quil Ceda Casino.
A person building a motorcycle track in the woods discovered the body Feb. 9 and called 911.
The medical examiner’s office said Thursday in a published report that the cause and manner of death was pending further investigation.
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office’s tip line is 425-388-3845.

Comment on noxious weed plan for Blackman Lake
SNOHOMISH — The Department of Ecology Aquatic Plant and Algae Management NPDES is seeking public comments regarding noxious aquatic weed treatment for Blackman Lake. The project applies to specific individual property owners living on Blackman Lake near 1531 Lake Mount Drive. The targeted site is seeking treatment of no more than 3 acres of the lake’s littoral zone. Initial control will target the noxious fragrant white water lily.
The permit allows the discharge of a specific list of pesticides. The chemicals planned for use may have drinking water and irrigation restrictions.
Any person wanting to present their views must do so in writing by March 18. Comments should address whether coverage under the permit is appropriate for the proposed project. Submit comments to Dept. Of Ecology Water Quality Program, Attn: Aquatic Pesticide Permit Manager, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504-7600.

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